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Construction Technology
Level - 6 Semester - II

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F45C001M19 Advanced Soil Mechanics (27.02.2020 09.00am - 12.00pm)EMPM06 Creation & Maintenance of a learning culture (27.02.2020 01.00pm - 04.00pm)F45C001M21 Construction Management (28.02.2020 09.00am - 12.00pm)F45C001M22 Highway Technology II (28.02.2020 01.00pm - 04.00pm)F45C001M23 Water supply, Drainage and Sewerage II (29.02.2020 09.00am - 12.00pm)F45C001M24 Irrigation Technology II & Land reclamation (29.02.2020 01.00pm - 04.00pm)F45C001M20 Concrete in Construction (01.03.2020 09.00am - 12.00pm)

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